Physical Education


Charles Campagne School

2012 – 2013  School Year

Home of the Golden Eagles


Mrs. Angelita Cintado – Principal

Mr. John Franchi –  Director of Physical Ed., Health & Athletics





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District #21


Mr. Posch




















Common Core Standards for Physical Education









Character Education – click here

Health and Nutrition – click here

Heart Rate Monitors – click here

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Physical Education Classes

Be Prepared for class – sneakers

Follow Directions

Positive Participation










Jungle gym activities, soccer, kickball, jump rope, wall ball, basketball and fitness





























Jump Rope for Heart





Physical Education



Physical Education Rules



A Note from Mr. Posch and Mrs. Bohringer

Turn off the television and video games and GO EXERCISE !

Make good food choices and drink plenty of water.









Establish a routine.

 Set aside time each day as activity time –

 walk, jog, skate, cycle, or swim. 




Adults need at least 30 minutes of physical activity most days of the week;

children 60 minutes everyday or most days.






Halloween Fun


Students will play pumpkin skeleton dodge

Trick or Treat Game

Skeleton Bone run

Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Halloween Carnival




Pacer Run


Students will perform their best fitness run on the basketball court of the gym.

Students continue to run following the series of beeps, horns, sirens.  The sounds gradually get quicker and quicker.  Students continue as long as they reach the black line by the sound.

Their scores will be recorded.  Students will receive an evaluation and notification to receive extra fitness development before school.