Polar Heart Monitors


The 5th Grade Students will be using the polar heart monitors.

( Each class as a boys group or a girls group will be using the monitors during school. )

Each student wears a Polar Heart Rate Monitor which tells us about the duration of activity, an average heart rate, a maximum heart rate, the recovery rate and calories burned.

Students will participate in a variety of activities that include fitness, but also games and sports to demonstrate that exercise and fitness can be achieved in a variety of ways. We hope that each student will not only learn the importance of fitness, but appreciate the improvements we want them to see over time.


































Heart rate is an excellent indicator of how the body is reacting to physical and emotional stimuli.  Exercise, stress, medication and fatigue all affect heart rate.  In fact, even such routine body functions as breathing, digesting and talking cause heart rate changes.  Heart rate is truly a basic body function indicator and if monitored from time to time a real educator.

Insta-Pulse Heart Rate Monitor - Baton Model

Heart Rates are measured by beats per minute


Insta-Pulse Heart Rate Monitor - Baton Model

Beats per minute                              Category

45-60                                                                                     Marathon runner

60-75                                                                                                   Fit individual

70-85                                                                                                   Not so fit individual

80-110                                                                                               Does not exercise

90-120                                                                                               May be overweight and needs to exercise


RECOVERY TIME   How fast the heart rate returns to normal (rest) is an important indicator of how efficiently the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems are working.  The heart rate of an athlete in top condition recovers in 30-60 seconds after moderate exercise.  The heart rate of a not so fit individual may require 15 minutes to recover but may recover in 8 minutes after completing a two month cardiovascular exercise program.


Note: These ranges are typical and do not apply to everyone.