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Week of May 7th- According to USDA, 61% of cotton, 25% corn, and 54% soybean acreageare grown from genetically modified seeds. These seeds produce healthier, fuller products. Click Here To See How.

Week of May 14th- There are multiple types of edible vaccines. Two types include serums and antigens from purified yeast. These can be injected into plants which will then produce the antigen. An example is potatoes with the cure for the Hepatitus B virus. Click Here To See How.

Week of May 21st- The Green Revolution increased crop production in poor areas due to biotechnology. HYV's or "high yeilding varieties" are crops that are genetically engineered to produce extra nitrogen which causes them to be ready to harvest faster. This allows for more than one rotation of crops to be grown each year. Click Here To See How.