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Bethpage UFSD Help Desk and Support Web Page
How Do I?
    Welcome to the Bethpage UFSD Help Desk and Support Web Site!

    Get started using District E-mail (OWA 2003)...

    1. Point Internet Explore to http://mail.bethpage.ws/exchange (or navigate via the district web site)

    2. Login using your computer username and password

    3. The view when you first login will look as follows:

    4. To move the preview pane to the bottom of the active window select "Bottom" as shown below:

    5. Now the preview pane is more useable:

    6. To change to the standard (older) view format choose the "Messages" view as follows:

    7. To complete the converstion to the standard view remove the preview pane:

    8. Now you have the standard view as the older OWA client did. Additionally, you can hide the menu buttons by clicking on the highlighted arrow/button:

    9. To change your personal options click on the "Options" button:

    10. Now the right pane displays the options screen. Some of the optional settings include...

    Setting an automatic (auto-reply) replying out of office message:

    Setting Messaging Options (e-mail notification, default font size, signature, etc.):

    Setting Junk E-mail filtering (be sure to check the Junk Mail folder):

    Recover deleted items:

    Setting Spell Checking options:

    11. A new feature of note is the ability to right-click items (especially e-mail messages):

    12. When you are finished using District E-mail click on the "Log Off" button:

Site last updated September 5th, 2017