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Bethpage UFSD Help Desk and Support Web Page
Lexmark FAQs
    Welcome to the Bethpage UFSD Help Desk and Support Web Site!

    •  What are the quotas?
    The default quota for teachers and TAs is 1000 black & white, 30 color. If you advise any clubs, you get an extra 250 black & white, and if you coach, you get an extra 500 black & white. Note that these do not stack - the maximum is 1500. Permanent subs have 500 black & white and 10 color. Interns have 250 black & white and 10 color. Students have 100 black & white and 10 color. Special Education teachers will receive additional pages from student notes and/or IEP Progress Reports.

    •  Is there a minimum on the number of pages we can send to the Copy Center ?
    There wasn't, but we now have to start. We are surprised by the number of people who have sent jobs that total 3 pages, or 7 pages. We actually got a job that was one page. A small job in this system takes as much time as a larger job. It needs to be sent to a copier, someone needs to physically retrieve it, attach the cover sheet, place it in an envelope and transport it to your school. So we will have to ask that no job less than 20 pages be sent to the Copy Center .

    •  One of my jobs came back with the staple in the wrong corner. Why did that happen?
    When you scan, the TOP of the page needs to be inserted into the scanner and then choose STAPLE (which means the job will automatically be collated).

    •  I have four classes that need the same sheet so I have sent it as four different jobs of 25. Is that the way I should submit that?
    No. Please send one job of 100 copies and separate them out yourself.

    •  I had a PowerPoint that was all black with white lettering. It came back as all white with black lettering. Why was that?
    That is a killer of toner. Any job with a solid background color is going to use up a lot of toner with no benefit to the student reader. White should always be the majority color and black should be the color of the typeface.

    •  My job says Complete when I logon, but I did not receive it. Where is it?
    Complete means it is either in the copier at that moment or it is in transit. It does not mean it is in your hand yet. Transit does take at least a day.

    •  I submitted 20 jobs at once, but only received 10 so far. Why?
    Most people appear to be doing jobs in batches and using the default of three days. That is pretty difficult to accommodate. We really ask that if you do not need a job in three days, that you choose a realistic date rather than just the default date.

    •  I noted in the Special Instructions that I needed it rushed to me in two days. Why did I not get it?
    Rush jobs are simply not going to happen.

    •  When is it appropriate to choose spiral binding?
    That should be a special item. Something being kept by students for a long period of time. That is a time consuming process that should rarely be used.

    •  The PTA submitted a 6,500 paper job and did not get it back in three days. Why not?
    We need to be realistic. Larger jobs are going to take longer. There is no way a job like that can be turned around in three days.

    •  I canceled a job that had begun printing while at a copier yet the entire job was still counted against my quota. Can I get a credit?
    We are working on that with Lexmark right now and hope to have that ability in the next couple of weeks.

    •  Why are some of my jobs coming back with incorrect formatting?
    For some reason, some documents (a small percentage) are losing their formatting as they are transferred to the Copy Center . Liz/Ellen are spotting them and fixing them on the fly, so few of you have noticed. Bill and Kevin have worked out a solution that impressed Lexmark and it will be implemented shortly. Bill and Kevin do not have access to change the program, they can only think of the solution.

    •  What can cause a delay in our receiving our print job?
    When submitting a job, a couple of teachers have not indicated what building they are in and we wound up sending the job to the wrong building. Also, the jobs have to be fed into the copier right-side up and the top of the page feeds into the scanner (the top is to the left). A couple of jobs came in reverse and because we did not have the original, we had to ask the person to re-send it.

    •  Can you define some terms for us?
    •  Duplex means you want it double sided.
    •  Simplex means you want it single sided.
    •  Uncollated means you put a big job in and you want all the first pages to print consecutively and then all the second pages to print consecutively and then all the third pages to print consecutively. That is a great way to print a lot of worksheets all at once as one big job. Note that you want UNCOLLATED in the Special Instructions
    •  Collated means you want packets. So it prints pages 1, 2, 3 and then pages 1, 2, 3 and then pages 1, 2, 3 all as separate packets.

    •  I use specialized software (like Math Test Generator or Smart Notebook) to create documents. How can I send that to the Copy Center?
    The easiest way to do this in any program is to create a PDF of your document. Click here to see how to do that.

    •  How will we submit the Treasures booklets that we have always sent to Liz?
    Liz would like those sent as they always were. She has them on file and you can continue (at least for the time being) to send instructions to her via email. Parent letters can still be in booklet format (the ones on yellow paper). The Take Home booklets for now will be done as an 8 ½ x 11" stapled set (but that will change once we get everything set up).

    •  Can we attach more than one item when we are in the Copy Center ?
    You need to attach one at a time because you have to answer basic questions (number of copies, stapling or not). But you do not have to logout after the first upload. You can upload another document.

    •  How does the Cover Page option work?
    If you indicate a need for a Cover Page, then it assumes the first page of your document is the Cover Page. That is the page for which you can select a different color (e.g., a Blue cover with all white pages following).

    •  How do I have a booklet printed?
    You submit the booklet as a regular 8 ½ by 11" job and the copier will then make it into a booklet with choice of sizes- 8 ½ x 11" or 5 ½ x 8 ½ " pages. So the copier will reorient the job and make the reduction in size if that is what you want.

    •  Do I get an email telling me that I uploaded my document correctly?
    Yes if you do that from the copier itself, but no if you do it from the Copy Center Portal. However, the Copy Center portal has tabs that show Active Jobs and Recently Completed Jobs and you can look there to see the status of your jobs (past and present). Keep in mind a job marked complete only means it has been printed. It may still take a day for delivery.

    •  On my classroom computer, I do not see the options on the bottom of the screen while I have the Copy Center portal page open. Why?
    You have your computer monitor resolution set very low and that is cutting off the bottom. Go to the START Menu, to PROGRAMS to ACCESSORIES to UTILITES and you can choose Very High Resolution and you will have no problem.

    •  Which format should I use when scanning a document?
    We think 99% of the time people will want to scan into PDF format.

    •  Can I scan in color?
    Yes, you may scan in color (you have to choose that as an option) and either email it or scan it to your H Drive. Lexmark says you cannot send a color scan directly to the Copy Center . So you need to save it to the H Drive and then upload it via the portal.

    •  How long do items stay in the Print Release cloud?
    Seven days.

    •  Does printing the grading reports count against the quota?
    No. Anything printed with regard to Lexmark's Testing and Grading does not count against your quota.

    •  How do I view my grading reports?
    Every time you grade tests, you can choose which reports to print and/or email to yourself. Also, every report is saved to your H: drive for each test. You can learn more about the reports here.

    •  When the Lexmark scans a test can it highlight the wrong answers like the Scantrons did (with a little red mark next to it)?
    No. Sorry, the machines are unable to do that.

    •  How are we doing with giving email addresses to students?
    Students in grades 6-11 have all received their email addresses and now know how to logon. Training for grades 3-5 is scheduled for next week. It is a Gmail account. All students have an email address that is: child'sname@bethpageeagles.ws . Some of you wanted that in order to send documents via email rather than print.

    •  Are we really cutting the budget for printing?
    We really are. In next year's budget we already reduced the budget by $140,000 and in year two we expect to cut it more.

    •  How are Liz and Ellen doing?
    They are doing a great job keeping up with everything. They are a bit stressed out right now and doing the best they can during this transition. Track records in other districts show that the first three months are the toughest and hopefully that is true here.

Site last updated September 5th, 2017