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Bethpage UFSD Help Desk and Support Web Page
Emailing Documents
    Welcome to the Bethpage UFSD Help Desk and Support Web Site!

    Thie page will show you how to scan a document and email it directly from the copier. Please keep in mind that the two different model copiers have slightly different screens; however, the process is the same for both.

    Emailing a document from the Copier

    1. Login to the copier and select the Email icon.

    2. The email menu will appear. You can press on the keyboard icons next to each field to edit it, or else just press Send It to use the default (email to yourself with no subject or message text).

    3. By default, the copier sends the email to yourself. You can choose to add other contacts by pressing the keyboard next to Recipient(s):

    You can type in a few letters of the person's name, and then press the Address book in the upper left hand corner to search the directory:

    Press on the desired recipient's name, and they will be added to the list:


    4. You can continue editing the other fields by adding a subject and message, editing the name of the file, and changing any of the scan options. Once you are ready, press Send It.

    5. Keep in mind that typing out a long message on the copiers can be tedious, so you may prefer to use the Scan to H: Drive feature, and then attach the file from Outlook. You can learn how to do this here.

Site last updated September 5th, 2017