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Bethpage UFSD Help Desk and Support Web Page
Scanning Documents
    Welcome to the Bethpage UFSD Help Desk and Support Web Site!

    This page will show you how to Scan a document to your H: drive from the copiers, and also how to email that file as an attachment. Please keep in mind that the two different model copiers have slightly different screens; however, the process is the same for both.

    Scanning a document to the H: drive 

    1. Login to the copier and select the Scan to H: drive icon.

    2. You will be prompted to select your file format. Your choices are:

           PDF (Searchable): A PDF that will allow you to select text to copy and paste into another document. Note that you will be unable to edit the PDF. This is the best option.
           RTF (MS Word Compatible): The copier will attempt to convert your document into a Microsoft Word document. Note that there may be formatting issues with complicated and documents, and that you should carefully review your file before doing anything with it.
           JPEG: A picture file.


    3. You will be prompted to name your file. Note that the time and date will be appended to the filename.


    4. You will be taken to the final options screen. Note that although the file format section will highlight TIFF and be grayed out, the copier will still be using the file format you selected in Step 2. This is a bug in Lexmark's software.

    5. The scanned document will appear in your H: drive (My Documents). Inside a folder called Lexmark Scans there will be another folder called Scans to Network. All your documents scanned from the copier will appear in this location.

    Emailing Your Scans

    1. To attach the scanned document to an email open a new email and click the paper clip icon located on the top left of the email box.

    2. After clicking the paper clip a dialogue box will come up asking you what file to attach. From here you will click browse, your H: drive will open, and you will have go through your H: drive to the Lexmark scan folder to your document then select it and click attach.

    H: drive -> Lexmark Scans -> Scans to Network -> "document XYZ"

    3. Once the document is attached the file name will be listed in the email under the subject bar. After that fill the rest of the email out as you normally would and hit send.

Site last updated September 5th, 2017