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Bethpage UFSD Help Desk and Support Web Page
How Do I?
    Welcome to the Bethpage UFSD Help Desk and Support Web Site!

    Handle United Streaming multiple login prompts...

    Due to the variety of changing content on the United Streaming site... sometimes certain videos will not play correctly. One problem that may occur is where a "login prompt" pops up when a video or segment is played. Here is how to resolve this problem:

    1. When playing back certain videos you may encounter this pop-up:

    2. In order to get past this prompt you must enter your username/password in the following way (example is for username wfox):

    User Name: bethpage\wfox
    Password: thisisyourpassword

    3. Once the information is filled in as above you can press OK and the video will begin playing.

    NOTE: The site may prompt you more than once for this information.

    If you have any issues please contact the Help Desk.

Site last updated September 5th, 2017