Welcome to Mr. Kramer’s 6th

Grade Social Studies Class

Social Studies grade 6

In this class, students will learn essential map skills and geographical features in order to begin their quests as “ancient explorers”. Together, the students and I will travel back in time to study early world ancient civilizations. As we explore Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, China, Greece, and Rome, we will closely examine the similarities and differences between each society, as well as the contributions each has made to today’s society. In addition, students will be participating in the “National Geographic School Bee”!


What are we learning this MONTH?

Ancient Egypt


1. Extra Help  Monday and Thursday   

                  7:45 AM – 8:10 AM


2. Egypt Unit Test Tuesday 2/4/20

(Study guide on Google classroom)


3. Grading Policy

Tests/Vocabulary Tests/Enduring Issues - 50%

Quizzes/BrainPop Quizzes/Visual Projects – 40%

Homework – 10%


E-mail dkramer@bethpage.ws, dkramer@bethpageeagles.ws

(PLEASE e-mail me anytime with questions or concerns)


UNIT Class Notes

CLICK the links to read the notes for each lesson. When you open the PowerPoint you may have to press the right arrow key many times to make the notes appear. Please check your child’s binder and Chromebook as most notes from class will be there.

Egypt-Natural Barriers, Gifts of the Nile, Nubia, Pyramids and Sphinx, Hieroglyphics, Mummification, Pharaohs, Social Classes, King Tut, Gods and Goddesses