1. How does the value of Solid State Drives compare to regular hard drives?
    a. Open your hard drive spreadsheet from last class.
    b. What does the average cost per GB seem to be for SSDs?
    c. Use Newegg.com to find 3 SSDs, and compare their value to regular hard drives.

2. Use this link to get to Newegg.
    a. Look at the different kinds of hard drives on the left.
    b. Other than internal and external SSDs, what kinds of Solid State Drives are available?
    c. Check out Industrial SSD. What kind of capacity do they seem to have?
    d. Back up one page, and go to Enterprise SSD.
    e. What is the smallest, and what is the biggest capacity of the drives you see here?
    f. How do these prices compare to internal SSDs?
    g. Solve this mystery - what is so great about an Enterprise SSD, to explain the difference in price?

For more information on SSDs, check out reviews at Tom's Hardware (refresh it to show the page), or AnandTech,
Applications for SSDs include Ultrabooks, SFF (small form factors), performance computing, and mission critical servers.