In addition to your instrument and bow, please make certain to have the following supplies for orchestra class:



Shoulder Rest

Fine Tuners


Rosin and strings are required accessories.  Bows need to be rosined every time they are used, to help the bow “grab” the string.  Strings are necessary in case a string breaks and needs to be replaced.

Shoulder Rests are optional, but very helpful for student musicians.  Fine tuners facilitate tuning and make the process easier.  If your violin or viola has four fine tuners in place, there is no need to purchase more.  If not, please purchase enough fine tuners to make a complete set.

       All supplies can be purchased at local music stores such as All Music, Monster Music, Farmingdale Music, or Sam Ash Music.  However, you may find purchasing supplies more convenient and affordable if you use or  At these online vendors, shipping is free for many expendable items such as rosin, strings, fine tuners, chin rests, shoulder rests, and bows.